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Crystal Reports Web-based Viewing and Distribution

ReCrystallize Server for Crystal Reports

Our quickest, easiest software for sharing your Crystal Reports on the web.  

ReCrystallize Light Web Publisher for Crystal Reports

Our streamlined software for building web pages that run you Crystal Reports on the web.   Data in your reports is updated from your database each time a report is viewed, so the most current information is always displayed.  ReCrystallize Light works with Crystal Reports parameter prompts, subreports, and more.

ReCrystallize Pro Web Publishing Wizard for Crystal Reports
ReCrystallize Pro Web Wizard for Crystal Reports

Makes publishing and viewing your Crystal Reports on the web quick, easy, and affordable. 
Create customizable ASP or ASP.NET web pages to view your reports with live data in any web browser.  ReCrystallize Pro fully supports Crystal Reports features including parameters and subreports.

Ripplestone Web Portal and Scheduler for Crystal Reports

A complete web portal providing a simple, secure and cost-effective solution for distributing and scheduling Crystal Reports.



Crystal Reports Viewers

CrystalKiwi Explorer Crystal Reports Viewer

Install CrystalKiwi Explorer to view Crystal Reports .rpt files and refresh data from the database.  CrystalKiwi Explorer is updated for Crystal Reports 2013 and fully supports previous versions including Crystal Reports 9, 10, XI, XI R2, 2008, and 2011.  CrystalKiwi Explorer is fully compatible with the latest Windows versions including Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows Server 2008, and Windows Server 2012.

cView Viewer for Crystal Reports

The cView Crystal Reports reader software allows users to open, view, refresh, print, and export Crystal Reports on their PCs without the expense or complexity of installing Crystal Reports. 

cView users can refresh the report so that the latest data is displayed from the database.  Database passwords can be pre-set so individual users need not know the database password. cView fully supports the use of Crystal Reports parameters when viewing Crystal Reports.



Crystal Reports Schedulers



CrystalKiwi Scheduler for Crystal Reports

CrystalKiwi Scheduler automates the repetitive, time-consuming process of refreshing the data in your Crystal Reports and sending the reports to end users.  Use CrystalKiwi Scheduler to set up your reports to run daily, weekly, or monthly.  Updated reports can be saved to disk or emailed to specific end users in a variety of formats including Excel and PDF.  CrystalKiwi Scheduler supports use of Crystal Reports parameters, so you can control which set of data is included in a report each time it runs.



cViewSERVER Report Scheduler

Automatically refresh and deliver your Crystal Reports.

cViewSERVER is a cost-effective scheduler that automatically delivers your reports to your users at intervals you select — hourly, daily, weekly, monthly, and so on. cViewSERVER can retrieve the latest data from your databases. It accepts parameters so one report can create different results for different users.  Choose the format users want to receive such as Excel or PDF to email each updated report or save it to disk. cViewSERVER runs in the background as a Windows Service so no user need be logged in to Windows for reports to be processed on schedule.




cViewMANAGER Report Scheduler

Automates production of your Crystal Reports by scheduling reports for periodic printing, export, or email.

cViewMANAGER is a simple but powerful scheduler for that can automate updating Crystal Reports and sending them to users.  cViewMANAGER can automatically refresh your reports with the latest data from your database hourly, daily, weekly, or monthly. Updated reports can be saved to disk or emailed in a variety of formats including PDF and Excel. Report parameters allow the same rpt file to provide different data for different users or different reporting periods.

CrystalDesk Report Scheduler Pro

Schedules your Crystal Reports for periodic printing or exporting.

Crystal Command

Allows you to run your Crystal Reports from a command line.  View, print, export, or email your Crystal Reports from Windows Task Scheduler, SQL Server Scheduler, batch files and more!



Crystal Reports Design and Crystal Reports Development

.rpt Inspector

Make the same changes to multiple Crystal Reports .rpt file at the same time.



Enhanced charts for Crystal Reports and BusinessObjects Enterprise from the makers of the charting library built into Crystal Reports.

Crystal Translator

Easily translate your Crystal Reports into multiple languages.

Report Debugger

Find problems fast and "get inside" your Crystal Report's execution using Report Debugger's powerful monitoring capabilities.



Crystal Reports Analysis, Design Documentation, and Version Control

Find it EZ

Find it EZ Code Search Professional

Find it EZ  is a universal source code scanner and analyzer for reports, databases and programming languages.  Like a search engine for your software code, Find it EZ can pinpoint everywhere a term or field is used in your Crystal Reports, application code, database, and documentation to see the impact of planned changes.

Report Analyzer

 Report Analyzer assists with 

  • comprehensive analysis of your Crystal Reports
  • reducing maintenance time and effort
  • performance/design tuning
  • change management
  • test plan development
  • extensive documentation of your Crystal Reports.


Report Miner Suite

Saves time and simplifies maintenance of your Crystal Reports.
Provides thorough design documentation, version control, change documentation, and a cross-reference of database tables used in reports.

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