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Ripplestone is affordable, web-based Crystal Reports distribution and Crystal Reports scheduling software. It allows users to securely view any Crystal Report from a web browser.  Ripplestone's easy-to-use web interface to makes it simple to manage, publish and schedule all your Crystal Reports.

Ripplestone provides the most requested features of Crystal Reports Server, without the expensive named user licensing cost. Ripplestone is priced and licensed on a per-server basis and allows unlimited users.

Ripplestone is compatible with Crystal Reports versions 2016, 2013, 2011, 2008, XI R2, XI, 10, and 9.


Key Features

Control access to the web based reporting in one of three ways

Ripplestone Authentication - Use the login page and user administration that comes with Ripplestone.

Integrated Windows Security - With integrated Windows security, the user's ID is obtained from the Windows login on their PC.  The user is not prompted to sign-in to Ripplestone. As long as you have granted that user's Windows User ID access to the Ripplestone database, the user is automatically granted access to web reports.

Trusted System - Using the trusted system feature, a Ripplestone administrator can add the name of a trusted web application.  From that trusted application, a call can be made to Ripplestone that passes the User ID.  Ripplestone will validate the user and bypass the login form.



Free Trial

Start distributing and scheduling your Crystal Reports on your web site in minutes.  Simply install Ripplestone on your Windows web server and add your Crystal Reports through Ripplestone's easy-to-use web interface. 

Installing the Ripplestone trial on your server is easy and usually takes less than 30 minutes. If you decide to buy Ripplestone, the trial can be fully licensed and activated in place with a key code.

Contact us or email for a free trial download.


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