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ReCrystallize Pro Web Publishing Wizard for Crystal Reports

ReCrystallize Pro

Web Wizard for Crystal Reports

Version 14.2
View your Crystal Reports in any web browser
 including Chrome, Microsoft Edge, Safari, iOS and Android mobile devices — without the need for any browser add-ons such as ActiveX or Java.  What's new?

Designed for Crystal Reports versions 7, 8.0, 8.5, 9, 10, XI, XI R2, 2008, 2011, 2013 and 2016.

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View your Crystal Reports in any web browser with live data!

Try it risk-free!

  1. View sample Crystal Reports in your web browser and watch videos to see ReCrystallize Pro in action.

  2. Download,  install and try out the free evaluation of ReCrystallize Pro with your Crystal Reports.

  3. Purchase a ReCrystallize Pro license risk-free to fully activate the evaluation version you installed.

  4. We'll help if needed to get your reports running on-demand with current data from your database.

  5. If ReCrystallize Pro doesn't work out for you, let us know within 30 days for full refund.


ReCrystallize Pro Complete with Maintenance and Tech Support -  $795
Best value: Save $65 on Maintenance and Tech Support now vs. purchasing later.

License to use ReCrystallize Pro on one PC or Server. Unlimited users may view reports.
Includes all software updates and upgrades for one year.
Includes ReCrystallize ReSolutions 5-incident technical support package valid for one year.
Includes Extended Download Protection Service for one year.

ReCrystallize Pro License Only - $495

License to use ReCrystallize Pro on one PC or Server. Unlimited users may view reports.

ReCrystallize Pro creates web pages for viewing your Crystal Reports with up-to-the-minute data. 

ReCrystallize Pro is featured as part of
Crystal: The Complete Toolset
in the leading Crystal Reports books

Crystal Reports XI:  The Complete Reference

Crystal Reports 2008:  The Complete Reference

Quick, easy web viewing of your Crystal Reports.

The ReCrystallize Pro wizard's easy interview process allows you to control how your report will be presented.  After the short interview, ReCrystallize Pro produces ready-to-run web pages to view your Crystal Reports.  Simply copy the web pages and your Crystal Report (.rpt) file to your web server.

Flexible, customizable, and secure.

ReCrystallize Pro creates standard ASP.NET or "classic" ASP web pages to view your Crystal Reports.  If you wish, you can customize the appearance and behavior of the web pages using standard web authoring/development tools.  The pages can be easily modified to blend with your existing web site or application.  Access to the reports can be controlled via web server authentication or your web application's security.  Data displayed in the reports can also be controlled by securely setting report parameter values.  Database user names and passwords are securely stored and processed on the server, where they can't be observed by users viewing reports.

Saves time for both beginners and experts.

The ReCrystallize Pro user community includes both beginners with little web development experience and accomplished web developers. ReCrystallize Pro creates complete ready-to-run web pages, so no further development is required.  Since the web pages use standard ASP or ASP.NET code, developers can use the pages as a starting point and modify them to meet additional requirements. 

Quickly pays for itself.

ReCrystallize Pro slashes the development time and learning curve involved in publishing your Crystal Reports on the web.  Our customers agree -- ReCrystallize Pro pays for itself with its first use by saving hours of trial and error development, testing, and debugging. 


"ReCrystallize saved us weeks in our development cycle and paid for itself 20 times over...  If you're using Crystal Reports with an intranet or extranet, ReCrystallize is a must have."
Larry Linn, Vice President, Innovative Resources Group, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

"The best $ I ever spent. "
Marie Donahue, TimeBridge Technologies, Lanham, Maryland

"Just wanted to say that ReCrystallize is worth its weight in gold - without it, I would have given up on Crystal Reports...ReCrystallize addressed 99% of my problems in addition to significantly improving web delivery of Crystal reports at any price, even compared to Crystal Enterprise at many $10k!" "
Hinrich Eylers, Direct Alliance, Gilbert, Arizona

"The Recrystallize product saved me oodles of time.  I got a Crystal Report with parameters to come up from an ASP in one day using your product. I thought it would take me weeks to get to that point.  Thanks!"
Brian Grear, Baker Robbins & Company Technology Consultants, Houston, Texas

"I've purchased the Recrystallize software and generated the asp files (this is really cool)...your product made it so easy!!!...everything is working great!   This product will save us hours of headaches and the product!"
Valerie Snider, MCI,  Upper Marlboro, Maryland

more customer comments

The options available in ReCrystallize Pro include


The step by step ReCrystallize Pro process and options are shown on the screen images page.

The sample reports page demonstrates how Crystal Reports are viewed in your web browser using web pages created by ReCrystallize Pro.

A trial version of ReCrystallize Pro is available for download.   The full version of ReCrystallize Pro includes technical support and a 30-day money back guarantee.  Purchase the full version now to try ReCrystallize Pro risk-free.

Download a free trial version of ReCrystallize Pro.


New in ReCrystallize Pro version 14


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