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CrystalKiwi Suite

CrystalKiwi Scheduler for Crystal Reports

Tired of manually updating reports weekly or monthly and sending them out to users?  Let CrystalKiwi Scheduler automate that tedious, time-consuming task.  CrystalKiwi Scheduler saves time spent on this repetitive work, quickly paying for itself in time savings and allowing you to send updated reports to your end users as often as you'd like.

CrystaKiwi Scheduler enables you to set your Crystal Reports to be automatically run on a set schedule.  The reports are updated with current data from your database and can the be sent to an email address, saved to disk, or printed. 

A popular way to use the CrystalKiwi Scheduler is to automatically run a report daily, weekly, or monthly, and email the result as a PDF file.

Scheduler Scheduler

Key Features

Schedule When Schedule When Schedule Where Schedule Where Schedule with Parameters Schedule with Parameters