CrystalKiwi Suite

Download a free evaluation version of CrystalKiwi Suite for Crystal Reports

Use the links below to download CrystalKiwi Suite for evaluation.  The evaluation software may be licensed in place after purchasing with no need to reinstall, saving configured settings and history.

Prerequisites: Download and install these files first.
These prerequisites may decline to install if another version is already present on the computer; in that case proceed to the next file.

download  Microsoft .NET Framework 4  Installer  (1 MB)
download  Crystal Reports .NET runtime (71 MB)

CrystalKiwi Suite:  Download and install after the prerequisites are installed.

download  Download the full CrystalKiwi Suite.  Includes Scheduler, Bursting and Explorer Report Viewer  (1.9 MB)
download  Download CrystalKiwi Bursting and Explorer Report Viewer only  (1.8 MB)
download  Download CrystalKiwi Explorer Report Viewer only  (1.7 MB)

Tip: When setting up ODBC connections for Crystal Reports or CrystalKiwi on 64-bit Windows, use the 32-bit ODBC Administrator tool located at


CrystalKiwi Scheduler Installation and Configuration Guide
download  CrystalKiwi Scheduler Installation Guide  (PDF)