Who's Using ReCrystallize Pro?


Thousands of organizations around the world use ReCrystallize Pro to deploy their Crystal Reports.  They include Fortune 500 companies, small businesses, government and educational institutions.

"I just wanted to comment on how great your ReCrystallize Program is. I've been trying to deploy my crystal reports on the web for two months now... and you're product made it possible within seconds. Thank you so much for providing such a wonderful program!"

Chad Williamson, Spiration, Inc., Redmond, Washington

"The product is working great for us as it has for the last 2 years, just more demand. Just thought I would let you know...The simplicity and the utility of this product is fantastic."

Stephen Trabalka, Vcom IMC, Fairfield, New Jersey

"ReCrystallize saved us weeks in our development cycle and paid for itself 20 times over...  If you're using Crystal Reports with an intranet or extranet, ReCrystallize is a must have."

Larry Linn, Vice President, Innovative Resources Group, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

"Recrystallize is an awesome product!  I have been using it for several years now.  Looking forward to continued long-term use."

Don Menya, Tetra Tech, Inc., King of Prussa, Pennsylvania

"Great Product! We are using recrystallize with Crystal Reports and it has greatly increased our ability to support our users in a timely fashion."

Chris Ross, Progress Rail Transcanada Corporation

"Just wanted to say that ReCrystallize is worth its weight (including box) in gold - without it, I would have given up on Crystal Reports...ReCrystallize addressed 99% of my problems in addition to significantly improving web delivery of Crystal reports at any price! "

Hinrich Eylers, Direct Alliance, Gilbert, Arizona

"I've purchased the Recrystallize software and generated the asp files (this is really cool)...your product made it so easy!!!... everything is working great!   This product will save us hours of headaches and coding...love the product!"

Valerie Snider, MCI,  Upper Marlboro, Maryland

"By the way this program has REALLY made it easy to incorporate crystal reports online....I've been struggling with VS.NET and can't get one dynamic Crystal Report to display yet using it.... and using FrontPage with Recrystallize now, it's been really straightforward!"

Nathan Stouffer, IonBond Inc., Madison Heights, Michigan

"We have purchased Recrystallize Pro - I LOVE IT!  I just had the asp reporting stuff figured out after 80+ hours of picking apart Seagate's examples and teaching myself how they worked.  At this point I plainly saw my task ahead publishing around 50 existing reports, and spending of time building asp for each one.  Then I found Recrystallize Pro.  It is INCOMPREHENSIBLE how much time Recrystallize Pro has saved me!!!  :)"

Kris Jacobs, EmploymentGroup, Battle Creek, Michigan

"First of all, let me say that I absolutely LOVE your product.  We are the leading Seagate partner in the Southwest United States and your product is tremendously helpful."

Greg Martin, DSG Technology, Inc., Dallas, Texas

"Thanks...your products look/work great...the web wizard is the best thing since the web component server...:)"

Charles Cranfill, Wake Forest University, Winston-Salem, North Carolina

"The Recrystallize product saved me oodles of time.  I got a Crystal Report with parameters to come up from an ASP in one day using your product. I thought it would take me weeks to get to that point.  Thanks!"

Brian Grear, Baker Robbins & Company Technology Consultants, Houston, Texas

"Your solution worked and the resulting output was tremendous. Our development time will be slashed and we're going to look like stars thanks to you guys. Recrystallize is a great product."

Leo van Loon, Viewlogic Systems, Inc., Marlborough, Massachusetts

"I also would like to add that this product not only has saved me a bunch of time but it's also saved my boss a large sum of money."

Frank Urena, Thomas Direct, Clifton, New Jersey

"The best $ I ever spent. "

Marie Donahue, TimeBridge Technologies, Lanham, Maryland

"I was able to publish my first report in minutes!!!!!!  Thanks!"

Alex LLamas, Hawaiian Airlines, Honolulu, Hawaii

"...the code that ReCrystallize generates works Great. Thanks for a great product !!"

Donnie Swafford, International Technical Services Group, Asheville, North Carolina

"I have successfully created some web reports with Recrystallize - it is certainly saving time putting reports on our Intranet.  Thanks...Great Product !"

Nigel Thomas, Global Maritime Ltd, London, England

"I have really enjoyed using this product and it has saved me a bunch of time."

Brian Kelley, Atlantic Mutual, Roanoke, Virginia

"Thank you so much!! I love this product!"

Sultan Yassin, Medplus Solutions, San Juan, Puerto Rico

"Your product has been easy to use and very worthwhile.  We are successfully viewing our reports on the Intranet..."

Ed Gass, SunTrust Bank, Atlanta, Georgia

"A couple of months ago, I was given the task to put up a web site for reports in the shortest possible time...We were struggling till my colleague found 'recrystallize' and since then integration of reports has 
become much easier...I must say that I've found recrystallize a great tool so far."

Anita Mukherjee, Healthshop.com, San Francisco, California

"I am impressed... your program worked to solve two of our problems: 1. Hide password and username of SQL Server.  2. Automatic refresh of data."

Rama Krishnan, Fastek International Ltd., Hiawatha, Iowa

"Best $ I have spent in a long time. Much appreciated!"

Mark Armer, Serious Systems Inc., Maple, Ontario

"Incidentally, this is the second copy of Recrystallize I have bought - it is a remarkable product and I am a very satisfied user."

Doug Mobley, Powell River, British Columbia

"Your product worked wonderfully in creating the ASP page."

Robert Gee, NYPRO, Clinton, Massachusetts

"Your product is definitely a time saver. I also appreciate your quick responses to my questions."

Paul Bauer, Malloy's Cash Register Company Inc, Houston, Texas

"I am using your current version of recrystallize, I think the program is fabulous. It has made my life so much easier..."

Konrad Summers, Hawthorne Savings F.S.B., El Segundo, California

"I purchased your product awhile back and have been very happy with it...  Thank you so much.  It worked like a charm.  You have the best customer support."

Judy Clark, Actium, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

"Recently purchased your product and it is going to save a lot of time. Thanks!"

Greg Cook, Killeen Independent School District, Killeen, Texas

"ReCrystallize Pro is a great product. I am so glad that I found it."

Keith Remmes, Albert Smith Signs, Queensland, Australia

"It worked great.  Thanks.  This software is awesome for publishing reports to the web."

Scott Ermer, Erie Community College, Buffalo, New York

"Recrystallize is very easy to use and I appreciate it's availability."

Lindsay Robins, Coastal Training Technologies, Virginia Beach, Virginia

"I am very happy with ReCrystallize, it has saved us a LOT of time and money."

Andy Paul, DJNypro, Clinton, Massachusetts

"Thank you for an great product. It is really saving me a lot of time."

Tommy Rigler, Ecom, Pasadena, Texas

"I want to tell you how much I love this product.  If anyone interested in buying your products wants a reference,  feel more than welcome to use me. It's made my job 100% easier."

Lori Rollins, Morrison Textile Machinery, Fort Lawn, South Carolina

"Thanks again for all of your support. Recrystallize has saved our company many hours of ASP work in the past and I'm confident it will continue to do so. I also appreciate your constant level of support and quick responses."

Michael R. Allen, HDR Inc., Omaha, Nebraska

"I'd like to say, awesome product. It saves me a ton of time."

Drew Burlingame, Quantum Logistics

"I have been using Recrystallize a while now, and have been very pleased."

Bruce Peoples, Rome Tool

"I appreciate your help and extremely quick response.  Recrystallize worked perfectly!"

Dan Abenhaim, First Union National Bank, Raleigh, North Carolina

"Have your product and is working perfectly. A big time saver....
Lets see what you and Recrystallize has done.......
1. Allowed me to build web pages to crystal reports in a matter of seconds.
2. Allowed me to build web pages to crystal reports passing passwords so the user does have to type their password once or twice when using a subreport.
3. Allowed me to build web pages to crystal reports passing the ODBC connection through a parameter on the html page, which now allows me to build one report that can access 5 different databases, who knows how much time that saves me.
I could list a bunch other things, but just those three things alone save me so much time and allows me to concentrate on building reports that are accurate and needed in a timely fashion rather than concentrating on how to get the report to the person who needs it. Thanks for the help and the product ReCrystallize."

Jon Phillips, Atmos Energy Corporation, Amarillo, Texas

"First of all I would like to thank you for developing such a great product.  We purchased it last week and it has resolved many issues for us already...It's an excellent tool."

Cathy Balch, City of Peterborough, Ontario

"Thank you.  This is truly a great product!  I wish I knew about this sooner."

Han Tieu, STW Fixed Income Management, Santa Barbara, California

"[Re]Crystallize worked perfectly. It will save oodles of time and effort on my project...Wonderful app. I am spreading the word."

Gene Jaleski, Sarasota, Florida

"By the way, the [ReCrystallize Pro] software is great!!!"

Joe Regallis, Service Plus, Akron, Ohio

"I am very impressed with your Recrystallize product."

Chris Ross, Progress Rail Transcanada Corporation, Winnipeg, Manitoba

"Thanks - incidentally, this is the second copy of Recrystallize I have bought - it is a remarkable product and I am a very satisfied user."

Doug Mobley, Powell River, British Columbia

"By the way, we love ReCrystalize. It give Crystal Reports the missing functions we need..."

Oliver Kullback, Senator International, Hamburg, Germany

"My report is working great! Thanks - Your software is pretty great."

Maryl Fullerton, TGI Direct, Flint, Michigan

"Thank you!! By the way, you product is awesome!"

Devery Goodey,  P5 e.Health Services, Salt Lake City, Utah

"I have used recrystallize to make my crystal reports available on line. What a great product you offer."

Michael Shouldice, Syndesis Ltd., Richmond Hill, Ontario

"Recrystalize RULES!!! Keep up the good work!"

Joseph Tiongson, St. John Knits, Canyon Lake, California

"Recrystallize has been a great product for us. We are able to get reports to the end user much faster than if we had to write the ASP ourselves."

Wende Donahue, Tufts University, Medford, Massachessetts

"Thanks for a great product."

Leo Scaturro, Wood River Refinery, Roxana, Illinois

"Ok - love Re-Crystallize... it is a life saver... has saved me a BOAT LOAD of time & will be a main stay for some time to come.  I have shown the pro product to a number of people I used to work with a... some were a bit [upset] that they had spent so much time doing things themselves... others are chomping at the bit to see other things with it so that they can buy..."

Jim Woodin, Application Systems Developer, Diamond V Mills, Cedar Rapids, Iowa

"Again, I'd like to say, awesome product.  It saves me a ton of time."

Drew Burlingam, Quantum Logistics, Inc., Denver, Colorado

"As a recent customer I have found your product to be extremely helpful in the fast and efficient delivery of reports to the web."

Rochelle Robles, Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University, Daytona Beach, Florida

"ReCrystallize is one of the greatest development tools we have ever had.  Thank you for your great work and help."

Tomoharu Fukui, Brainyworks of America Inc., New York, New York

"We purchased Recrystallize approximately a year ago. I work with the product a lot and I am very happy with it."

Connie Anderson, Provident Bank, California

"We've already published 10 customised reports in the first day of usage! The product is superb."

Michiel Victor, PPS Insurance Company Limited, South Africa

"Thank you very much for the wonderful program. It has saved me hours of work."

Jeremy Millar, IDC, Australia

"First of all, Re-Crystallize is wonderful product. It works like a charm so far, and as your customers said, saves a whole bunch of time. It absolutely justifies the expense."

Charles A. Richardson, Freshdata, Malibu, California

"We love the product and use it extensively."

Travis Hanson, Anderson Healthcare, Maryville, Illinois

"We purchased ReCrystallize in early December and LOVE IT! It was instrumental in developing dozens of web-enabled reports for our intranet.  Thanks again for an incredible time saver!!!"

Peter Diroff, Clarkston Group, Sarasota, Florida

"Thank you for provided an excellent companion to Crystal Reports which is both easy to use and very cost effective."

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Bank of America


Brookhaven National Laboratory

Bristol-Myers Squibb


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Countrywide Insurance Services

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First Union National Bank

Folgers Coffee Company / Procter & Gamble

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