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Automatically refresh and deliver your Crystal Reports on schedule using a Windows Service.

Note:  We are currently unable to provide new licenses for the cViewSERVER scheduler.
Please try the similar, newer CrystalKiwi Scheduler instead.

Product Overview

The cViewSERVER Crystal Reports scheduler automatically delivers reports to your users on a schedule you select — daily, weekly, or monthly.  Reports can be emailed or saved to disk in a variety of different formats including Excel and PDF.   cViewSERVER retrieves the latest data from your databases to update your reports.  It accepts report parameters so one report can create different results for different users. 

cViewSERVER installs and runs as a Windows Service.  It runs in the background and does not require a user to be logged in to Windows in order to process reports on schedule.  The cViewSERVER service can be set to start automatically whenever Windows starts, so the report schedule will continue to run without manual intervention even if the computer is rebooted.   Running as a service offers important benefits but can make the initial setup of cViewSERVER can be more involved than the cViewMANAGER scheduler for Crystal Reports which runs as a Windows application.

cViewSERVER includes one copy of the cViewREMOTE schedule management client.  cViewREMOTE is installed with cViewSERVER and acts as the user interface to the report schedule.  It allows configuration of data sources, report parameters, and output destinations.  Additional cViewREMOTE licenses may be purchased to allow schedule management from remote PCs.

cViewSERVER may also be used in combination with ReCrystallize Pro to allow even lengthy Crystal Reports to display instantly on the web.

Key Features


Report Output

Report Input

cViewSERVER screen

Download cViewSERVER scheduler for Crystal Reports

cViewSERVER Quick Installation Steps (PDF)

cViewSERVER Top Issues and Solutions (PDF)

cViewSERVER version 12

download  Download a 30-day trial version of cViewSERVER version 12  (87.8 MB).

download  Download Microsoft Visual C++ 2005 SP1 runtime redistributable package   (3 MB).

Must be installed before installing cViewSERVER version 12.

download  Download Microsoft .NET Framework 3.5   (197 MB).

If your PC does not have the .NET Framework 3.5 installed, download and install this file before cViewSERVER 12.
For Windows 8 or Windows 2012, do not use this download.  Instead add ".NET 3.5 Framework Features" through "Turn Windows Features Off and On" in Control Panel.

To see which versions of .NET are installed on your PC, open Windows Explorer to the folder location below.
Numbered folders within the Framework folder indicate which versions of the .NET Framework are installed.