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ReCrystallize ReSolutions™ Technical Support

ReCrystallize ReSolutions™ provides technical support for ReCrystallize Pro via your choice of

Please Note:
bulletIt is usually faster to email support@recrystallize.com or submit a support request through this website than by phone.   We will contact you as soon as possible for any urgent issues.
bulletFor help with all other products or for customer service, please email info@recrystallize.com or use the Contact form.
bulletSupport agents cannot provide activation codes via telephone; please see Activation.
bulletFor customer service, product information, or reseller inquiries please see Contact Us.

US  and International: +1-901-240-8387

bulletremote access
During your support telephone call, our technicians may ask permission to establish a remote session in order to see and correct problems on your computer.  This optional tool may be used at your discretion.
Send support requests to support@recrystallize.com

Regular support hours are 9:00 AM - 5:00 PM US Central Time (GMT -6), Monday through Friday. 
Support calls and messages received outside these hours will be returned on the next business morning.  We will respond to urgent production issues outside normal support hours whenever possible.

For help during evaluation, pre-sales information, or customer service please send a message to info@recrystallize.com or use the general contact form

To request a replacement activation code for ReCrystallize Pro, please see the Activation page.