Report Miner Suite


The Report Miner SiteSurvey tool provides a quick overview of your Crystal Reports in an easy to use grid.

Site Survey Sample

grid1.GIF (13361 bytes)

This survey lets you quickly review your Crystal Reports. The survey listing can be sorted by any of the fields in either ascending or descending order, providing listing from smallest to largest, oldest to most recent, number of tables used, and so on.

How can I use SiteSurvey?

SiteSurvey provides a summary listing of available Crystal Reports which can be sorted and printed in any order, allowing you to

Who can use SiteSurvey?

SiteSurvey is intended for anyone with a need to review and/or monitor report files.

For developers, SiteSurvey is useful in monitoring and tracking version numbers and identifying the complexity of Crystal Reports based on metrics.

For managers and end users, SiteSurvey provides valuable metrics information indicating report complexity, and also allows basic update control information by providing revision number and total edit time.