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 Report Miner Suite for Crystal Reports

Report Miner Extract provides documentation of all report design elements in either plain text or Microsoft Word format. The documentation includes object size (the height and width of each element on the report), object position (X and Y coordinates) and a sample layout allowing the information to be understood visually.  You can control the data extracted (for example, you can exclude the table column listings from the export listing).

Download sample documentation created by Extract in Word format.
Download sample documentation created by Extract in text format.

Sample Report Layout included in Extract documentation.


Key Features
Develops complete documentation for your Crystal Reports
Creates a report layout in Microsoft Word showing your .rpt file layout visually
Produces presentation quality documentation in Microsoft Word or Rich Text Document format.
Can be used with RptDiff to find version differences between reports for version control
Allows customization of output file to standardize how your documentation looks
Allows batch documentation, saving you hours of time.


Properties Mined

Report Summary Information
Crystal Reports Version
Report Statistics
Last Saved By
Revision Number
Total Edit Time
Last Printed
Last Saved
Report Options
Convert date-time to
Preview pages start with
Convert null field value
Translate DOS strings
Translate DOS memos
Save data with report
Save summaries with report
Suppress printing if no records
Show all headers on drill down
Use indexes on server for speed
More report engine error messages
Case-insensitive SQL data
Select distinct data for browsing
Perform query asynchronously
Create group tree
Cartesian Product
User Formulas
Group Formulas
Print on (Dates only)
Customized group field name
Keep group together
Repeat Group Header on Each Page
Column Count
Column Length
Column Name
Column Type
User ID
Table Type
Allow Multiple
Data Type
Default Display
Default Order
Default Order Based on
Edit Mask
Limit Length
Max Length
Min Length
Prompt Text
Value Type
Free Form Placement
Print at Bottom of Page
New Page Before
New Page After
Reset Page Number After
Keep Together
Suppress Blank Section
Underlay Following Sections
Background Color
Font Properties
Font Color
Font Name
Font Size
Font Strikeout
Font Style
Font Underline
Border Properties
Background Color
Border Color
Bottom Style
Top Style
Left Style
Right Style
Drop Shadow
Tight Horizontal
Use Background Color
Common Properties for all Objects
Can Grow
Close Border on Page Break
Horizontal Alignment
Keep Together
Max Lines
Suppress Embedded
Suppress if duplicated
Tool Tip Text
Sort Field
Field Name 

Object Properties Mined

Text Object
Common Properties
Font Properties
Text Rotation
Border Properties
Box Object
Common Properties
Close Border
Extend to Bottom of Section
Fill Color
Rounded (Boolean only)
Cross Tab
Common Properties
Column Totals on Left
Column Background Color
Column Height
Column Name
Column Width
All Gridline Colors
All Gridline Widths
All Gridline Names
All Gridline Visibilities
All Gridline Grand Total Only Options
Keep Columns Together 
Repeat Row Labels 
Row Background Color 
Row Height 
Row Name 
Row Width 
Row Totals on Top 
Show Cell Margins
Show Grid 
Sum Field Height
Sum Field Name 
Sum Field Width 
Sum Field Type 
Suppress Col Grand Totals
Suppress Empty Columns 
Suppress Empty Rows 
Suppress Row Grand Total 
Border Properties 
Field Object
Common Properties 
Border Properties 
Font Properties 
Format Boolean Text 
Accounting Format 
Allow Field Clipping 
AM PM Position 
AM Symbol 
Boolean Text 
Currency Per Page 
Currency Position 
Currency Symbol 
First Date Separator 
Date Separator Prefix 
Second Date Separator 
Date Separator Suffix
Date Time Order 
Date Time Separator 
Data Type
Day Format 
Decimal Separator 
Display Currency Symbol 
Day of Week Enclosed 
Day of Week End 
Day of Week Position 
Day of Week Separator 
Day of Week Type 
Day of Week Period Type 
Era Period Type 
Hour Format 
Hour Minute Separator 
Hyperlink Location 
Hyperlink Type 
Leading Zero 
Min/Sec Separator 
Minute Format 
Month Format 
PM Symbol 
Reverse Sign 
Second Format 
Show Zero As 
Suppress if Zero 
Thousands Separator 
Time 12/24 
Use Windows Format 
Year Format 
Graph Object
All properties and options except Summary field for non Detail graphs
Line Object
Common Properties 
Move to Bottom 
OLE Object 
Sub-Report Object 
All fields included in Primary Report

Extract Benefits

  • Provides electronic and/or hard copy documentation on report design content and visual report layout.

  • Provides a text file that  can be saved and then compared to earlier Extract files to identify and analyze report file differences.  Note that the RptDiff utility directly compares any two report files and does not require an intermediate file.


Using Extract

Select the Crystal Report files to be mined.


Set the report design elements to be mined and the preferred output formatting.


Click the "Create Extract" button to start the mining process.










































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