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Application Development

  • Interface SDKs. Use the comprehensive interface SDKs in Crystal Reports within J2EE, .NET, and COM applications for flexible control over how end users interact with reports. Choose from a variety of report viewing, creation, and modification APIs to implement a range of interactivity capabilities - from static report processing/viewing to complex runtime report creation/modification.
  • Reporting components. Embed the powerful Java, .NET, and COM reporting components in Crystal Reports within your application for powerful report processing and rendering.
  • Custom tag library. Reduce the amount of coding required to embed report templates into JSP pages. Using custom JSP tags, you can now easily add a customized viewer to your web applications, dramatically reducing the amount of code required.
  • Customizable report viewers. Choose from a variety of server-side and thin-client report viewer controls, including a Java viewer, DHTML (WebForms) Viewer, WinForms Viewer, ActiveX, and Report Part Viewer (mobile viewer), to render reports into various output formats without additional coding. End user report interactivity options - including page forward/back, drill up/down, export, and print - are automatically included. Plus, you can customize and implement most viewer options based on your requirements.
  • IDE integration. Use a custom bundled edition of Crystal Reports from within leading Java and .NET IDEs for report integration from within a familiar environment. You can currently access Crystal Reports technology from within Microsoft Visual Studio .NET, BEA WebLogic Workshop, Borland JBuilder, and Borland C#Builder. Upgrade from these bundles to Crystal Reports XI for additional functionality and scalability.
  • Visual control library. Integrate reports into Delphi and C++Builder applications using the Crystal Reports Visual Control Library (VCL).
  • Royalty-free runtime. Integrate hundreds of royalty-free runtime properties, methods, and events into thick-client applications for deployment at no extra cost.


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