ReCrystallize Light FAQ

How does ReCrystallize Light work and how will it help me to make my Crystal Reports viewable on the web?

ReCrystallize Light installs on your Windows / IIS web server and works with your existing Crystal Reports .rpt files.  ReCrystallize Light creates ASP.NET web pages for each of your Crystal Reports rpt files.  If you're not familiar with ASP.NET, don't worry; the web pages are ready to run and no coding is required.  When the web page for a Crystal Report is opened in a web browser, the data in the report is updated from the database and the report is displayed for viewing in the browser.

What's the difference between ReCrystallize Light and ReCrystallize Pro?

ReCrystallize Light makes creating web pages for Crystal Reports even faster and easier with a streamlined, one screen design.  It meets the needs of many customers who have straightforward requirements for viewing Crystal Reports in a web browser.  ReCrystallize Pro provides additional features and capabilities, including

Both ReCrystallize Light and ReCrystallize Pro work with your Windows / IIS web server and are licensed for unlimited users to view Crystal Reports.  More detailed feature differences in ReCrystallize Light and ReCrystallize Pro are available on the Compare to ReCrystallize Pro page.

Who should use ReCrystallize Light?

ReCrystallize Light is ideal for anyone who wants to make Crystal Reports available for viewing in a web browser with an easy-to-use, customizable interface.  Anyone who has a basic working knowledge of Crystal Reports can use the ReCrystallize Light to create web pages.  ReCrystallize Pro may be better suited to more complex requirements, such as reports that use more than one database connection or launching reports from another application..

Will this solution require any special training for end users who view reports?

Anyone who can use a web browser will be able to view Crystal Reports with no little or no additional training.

Will ReCrystallize Light work with my database?

ReCrystallize Light works with most data sources including SQL Server, Oracle, Access, and FoxPro.   If Crystal Reports works with your database, it is very likely to work with ReCrystallize Light.  We have not found any specific databases that will not work properly with ReCrystallize Light.

Can I set security to control access to certain reports or what data is in a report?

ReCrystallize Light works with your permissions and user authentication on your web server and your database to limit which users can access reports.  ReCrystallize Pro also allows for additional database user account level and database row level access controls.

Will users be able to see or override database login information or report parameters I set?

ReCrystallize Light web pages execute database logins and queries only from the web server.  Database passwords are never transmitted to the client computer, so users will not be able to observe database passwords by viewing the page source in the web browser or other means on the client computer.

In ReCrystallize Light, users can change any parameter value set up to prompt within the Crystal Reports .rpt file.  ReCrystallize Pro provides the option to set parameter values that users cannot observe or change.

What are the system requirements for using ReCrystallize Light?

Windows 2003, 2008, 2008 R2, 2012, 2012 R2,  Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8 or Windows 8.1
4 GB RAM minimum recommended
2 GB available disk space.

Will my web server need access to my database?

Yes, in order to run reports with "live" data, your web server PC will need to be configured for access to your database. To report from an ODBC data source, for example, you would create an ODBC System DSN from your web server's Control Panel. If your database requires client software such as the Oracle client, it will also need to be installed and configured on the web server.  If you only wish to run reports with saved data, no database connection is required on the web server.

Do I need Crystal Reports Server to use ReCrystallize Light?

Crystal Reports Server is not required to run the web pages created by ReCrystallize Light.

Why would I use ReCrystallize Light instead of or in addition to Crystal Reports Server?

ReCrystallize Light often provides a simpler, more cost-effective solution when you don't need all the capabilities that Crystal Reports Server provides. 

Please contact us if you are unsure whether you should use ReCrystallize Light or Crystal Reports Server and we'll recommend the best option to meet your requirements.  We can provide quotes and assist with purchasing Crystal Reports Server if it is a better fit for your requirements.

How many users can view reports on the web if I use ReCrystallize Light?

There is no licensing limitation on the number of users who can view reports on the web. The practical limit on simultaneous web users will vary depending on the speed of your web server and database and on the complexity of your Crystal Reports. As a rule of thumb, it is reasonable to expect one server to support 15-20 simultaneous users viewing reports.

The largest factor in determining overall performance and the number of web users you can support is the time required for your database to run the queries in your Crystal Reports, which will be about the same viewing reports on the web as when refreshing report data in Crystal Reports.

How is ReCrystallize Light licensed?  How many ReCrystallize Light licenses do I need?

ReCrystallize Light is licensed on a per computer basis. This means that you would need one ReCrystallize Light license for each computer where you will install and use ReCrystallize Light. 

Please see ReCrystallize Light purchase options for complete licensing costs, volume licensing, tech support, and upgrades.

Which versions of Crystal Reports are supported by ReCrystallize Light?

ReCrystallize Light works with Crystal Reports .rpt files created using Crystal Reports versions 7, 8.0, 8.5, 9, 10, XI, XI R2, 2008, 2011, and 2013.

Which web browsers does ReCrystallize Light support?

ReCrystallize Light works with most web browsers -- including Internet Explorer, Firefox, Safari, and Opera -- running on most operating systems -- including Windows, OS X, and Linux.  Reports may be viewed on most mobile devices including iOS and Android.

Can I pass parameter values to my reports directly from a link or my own application, without using the parameter form that ReCrystallize Pro creates?

ReCrystallize Light provides the capability to prompt users for report parameters, but does not accept parameter values as part of a link or from another application.  ReCrystallize Pro can accept parameter values from another web application or link.  Please see

How to pass parameter values to a Crystal Reports web page on the URL, from a form, or from an existing application

for additional details.

Can I view my Crystal Reports in SharePoint?

Yes, the web pages that ReCrystallize Light creates for viewing reports can be easily integrated into a SharePoint site as a web part. This would allow users to view reports in SharePoint using one of the Crystal Reports page-on-demand viewers. Another option would be to export the reports to PDF on-demand so that the report is refreshed with up-to-date information and then opens as a PDF.