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Compare features for viewing your Crystal Reports in a web browser.


ReCrystallize Light

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ReCrystallize Server

Easy one-time server set up — just install and add reports (.rpt files) to folders.

Provides easy folder navigation and report selection interface. 
Administrators can simply copy new or modified report files to the server.
Users can browse the folder view to find a report and then click to view.

Easily email, print, or export reports to disk from a command line, batch file, Windows PowerShell script or your own application.


Simple one-screen design quickly creates web pages for each of your reports.



Easy to use wizard gives you total control of each database connection, parameter setting, viewer settings and more.



Control which information is displayed in the report by setting parameters that are included in the report's Record Selection Formula or SQL Where clause.

Modify or replace the report's Record Selection Formula to control the data  displayed in the report.


Web-based file management allows users to add or remove reports and other documents without the need for direct access to the server file system.


View data saved within the rpt file using the "Save Data with Report" option in Crystal Reports

View current data from the database in Crystal Reports that use only one database connection such as a single ODBC DSN,  single SQL Server, single Oracle server, or single Access database.

View current data from the database in Crystal Reports that use multiple database connections — including different ODBC connections or different database types such as SQL Server, Oracle, and/or Access within the same report.


Use a different database connection — such as a different ODBC DSN, different Oracle server, or different Access database — for web viewing than was used to design the Crystal Report. 
This can be useful when the same report is used with different instances of a database or when using separate development, QA, and production databases.


Logs in to the database with a predetermined username and password that you provide, usually the same database user account used to design the Crystal Report or a database user account with limited rights created specifically for report viewing.

Logs in to the database with the username and password provided by the user during web server authentication, for implementations where each user has a separate database account.
 Coming Soon


Prompt users for parameter values with the same look and feel as in the Crystal Reports designer.

Prompt users for parameter values using a customizable form or create your own custom form.


Supports dynamic and cascading parameter prompts.

Pass parameter values in the URL so that users aren't prompted.


Pass parameter values from your own web application without prompting users.


Automatically set parameter values such as the current date.


Coming Soon

Pre-set constant parameter values that users can't observe or change.



Pre-set and encrypt parameter values so that users can't observe or change the actual value.

Report Viewing Experience

HTML based report viewer available for near universal browser compatibility, including iPad, iPhone and Android devices, without the need for plug-ins or add-ons.

ActiveX and Java report viewers available for pixel-perfect report rendering in the web browser when using "classic" ASP.



Control the report viewer's appearance and features, including disabling printing and/or exporting, initial zoom level, and more.

Export to PDF, Excel, Word, RTF, CSV and XML files from the report viewer toolbar

Export directly to PDF, Excel, Word, RTF, CSV and TXT files, bypassing the report viewer to open directly in the associated application or save to disk.


Can automatically update report data in browser every x minutes without manually clicking the Refresh button — great for continually updated reports or reports shown in public areas on TV monitors that do not allow user interaction.

Print reports using Print button in viewer toolbar.

Print reports directly to a printer without user interaction.


Email reports to one or more addresses automatically using a simple web request.




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