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Enhanced charts for Crystal Reports and BusinessObjects Enterprise from the makers of the charting library built into Crystal Reports.

Sample Charts - click to enlarge

Box Plot Chart with variable width boxes

Box Chart

Smooth Line Curve with Histogram

Smooth Line with Histogram

Pareto Chart


Error Bars and User Defined Lines

Error Bars

Scatter Chart with User Defined Lines

Scatter Chart

User Defined Regions

User Defined

Waterfall Chart


Waterfall Chart with Total Column

Waterfall with Totals

Step Line Chart

Step Line Chart

Audiogram Chart


Gantt Chart


Smooth Line Curve

Smooth Line

Conditional Styling and Programmable markers

Conditional Styling

Advanced Statistical Analysis

Advanced Statistical

Conditional User Lines and Programmable Markers

Conditional User Lines

Using the new @COMPARE2 macro to compare 2 series


Custom @USERFILL macros working with runtime data

Custom macros