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When viewing a Crystal Report in a web browser with ASP.NET, the viewer does not prompt for parameters.

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When attempting to view a Crystal Report in a web browser using ReCrystallize Pro's ASP.NET option, the report viewer appears but does not prompt for parameter values as expected.  The report page within the viewer appears blank.

More Information:

The report viewer uses Javascript (.js) files to prompt for parameters.  IIS 8 (Windows Server 2012 and Windows 8) uses a different MIME type setting for .js files than previous IIS versions used.  A 406 (not allowed) error is generated when the viewer attempts to prompt for the parameters, but may not be visible in the browser.


In IIS Manager, change the MIME type for the .js extension to "application/x-javascript" instead of "application/javascript"

Change Mime Type

Change Mime Type