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A powerful, flexible scheduler for updating and distributing your Crystal Reports.

Note:  We are currently unable to provide new licenses for the cViewMANAGER scheduler.
Please try the similar, newer CrystalKiwi Scheduler instead.

Product Overview

The cViewMANAGER Crystal Reports scheduler automates the tedious, time-consuming process of updating of your Crystal Reports and sending them to your users.  cViewMANAGER refreshes your Crystal Reports, using up-to-date data from your database, on the schedule you select — hourly, daily, weekly or monthly.  cViewMANAGER can email your Crystal Report as an attachment, print the Crystal Report on any system printer, or save the refreshed Crystal Report file in a variety of formats including Excel an PDF.  Report parameters can be used with cViewMANAGER so that the same report (rpt file) produces different output for different schedule items or users.

cViewMANAGER runs as a Windows application, making it simple to set up and use.  For the reports to be run when scheduled, a user must be logged in to Windows and have the cViewMANAGER program running.  The cViewMANAGER program can be minimized and the computer can be locked if desired.  If you prefer a Crystal Reports scheduler that runs in the background as a Windows Service, without requiring any user to be logged in, consider cViewSERVER.

cViewMANAGER may also be used in combination with ReCrystallize Pro to allow even lengthy, complex Crystal Reports to display instantly on the web.

cViewMANAGER Crystal Reports Scheduler

Key Features

cViewMANAGER Single Workstation/Server License — $550

cViewMANAGER Upgrade Protection - 1 Year — $99

Provides upgrades to new cViewMANAGER versions for one year. 
This pricing is available with new license purchases and for renewals of non-expired protection.
Please contact us for renewal pricing if your protection period has expired.
Purchase multiple years of upgrade protection by increasing the quantity in the shopping cart.

download   Download a trial version of cViewMANAGER version 11   (63.3 MB).