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   Crystal Reports 10

Crystal Reports 10

Powerful report creation and distribution.

Version 10 of Crystal Reports has been discontinued and is no longer available. 

The closest available substitute for Crystal Reports version 10 is
Crystal Reports version XI R2 (11.5).

For newer versions of Crystal Reports, please see the Products page.

Crystal Reports 10 Developer Edition - $595

Crystal Reports 10 Professional Edition - $495

Crystal Reports 10 Advanced Developer Edition - $1995

Product Overview

Quickly transform almost any data into powerful, interactive content.  Create compelling reports for viewing and interaction via portals, wireless devices and Microsoft Office documents. Crystal Reports delivers tools for tightly integrating dynamic content from virtually any data source into Web and Windows applications.

Productivity Tools

Crystal Reports 10 includes tools for faster report development. Key reporting objects can be stored in the Repository for sharing, reuse and single point updating across multiple projects. Redundant coding can be reduced through use of Custom Functions to extract business logic from formulas.

Designed for Enterprise Web Applications

With flexible .NET, Java, and COM SDKs, Crystal Reports enables tight report integration into enterprise web applications. Its zero-client viewer controls and rich object model enable developers to provide rich end user report interaction and modification at runtime.

Flexible Design Technology

Crystal Reports flexible design technology delivers complete control over data access and presentation. Connect natively to more than 35 data sources including XML, OLAP or relational sources or create your own custom JavaBeans or COM data providers. Use Crystal Reports' proven query generation capabilities or write your own SQL for unlimited control over data connectivity.


bulletMaximize IT efficiency by reusing report components including bitmaps, custom functions, and SQL commands across multiple reports.
bulletTransform data from almost any data source-including XML, relational, ODBC and enterprise-into interactive, powerful content.
bulletLet end users access and interact with reports via portals, wireless devices and Microsoft Office documents-without extra IT overhead.
bulletRapidly integrate rich, dynamic content into Windows and web applications.
bulletTake advantage of a new, powerful multi-threaded Report Server.
bulletFlexible SDKs for integration into Java, .NET or COM applications.
bulletDeploy thick-client applications at no extra cost-free runtime (Developer Edition).
bulletControl end user report interaction, creation, and modification at runtime.



Crystal Reports 10 is available in editions to meet the different needs of business users, IT professionals and application developers.


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