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   Crystal Reports 10

Crystal Reports 10

Powerful report creation and distribution.

Version 10 is an older version of Crystal Reports.
For the current version of Crystal Reports, please see the

Products page.


Crystal Reports is available in four different editions to meet the needs of application developers, IT professionals, and business users.

Application Development Solutions

Advanced Developer Web development and deployment bundle for integrating and deploying dynamic report creation and viewing capabilities into web applications.

Developer Edition For integrating report viewing, printing, and exporting capabilities into Windows and web applications.

Report Design Solutions

Professional Edition For report creation and maintenance based on a large variety2 of data sources plus out-of-the-box web report delivery for workgroups.

Standard Edition For basic report design based on PC-based data sources.

The chart below illustrates some of the key feature differences between the various Crystal Reports 10 editions.

1 Includes all Crystal Reports Developer Edition features plus introductory deployment capabilities for Crystal Enterprise Embedded Edition.

2 This feature is available on the Crystal Enterprise CD included in the package.

3 Includes the .NET Reporting Component, Java Reporting Component, and Report Design Component (RDC).