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ReCrystallize Pro Web Wizard for Crystal Reports makes viewing your Crystal Reports in a web browser quick, easy, and affordable.
Use the links above to learn more about ReCrystallize Pro, view sample reports in your browser, and download a free trial version.

If you have purchased ReCrystallize Pro, please use the form below to request your activation code after installing or reinstalling the software.  Requests submitted here receive highest priority and are typically processed within 4 business hours (US Central Time).  Please note that support agents and customer service representatives cannot provide activation codes via telephone. 

Required information from the installed copy of ReCrystallize Pro is detailed below.  We can provide a valid activation code only when all required information has been accurately supplied.  When you receive your activation code via email, please enter it as Activation Code 1 and then click Continue.


Reinstalling ReCrystallize Pro or moving to a new computer?   Upgrade now to the current version at a discounted price. 

Do you know
ReCrystallize Pro version 14 allows your Crystal Reports to be viewed in almost any web browser — including iPhone, iPad, and Android devices — without the need for ActiveX or Java add-ons? 

Don't worry — upgrading is quick and easy:

bulletYou can use version 14, including the new ASP.NET feature which works with practically all web browsers, without changing your Crystal Reports version or your .rpt files.
bulletVersion 14 still fully supports classic ASP with the ActiveX and Java viewers, just as in previous versions. It adds the option for  ASP.NET with broader browser compatibility, so you can choose either method or use both.  If you'd like, you can migrate
 reports to ASP.NET at your convenience while still using and maintaining your current reports with classic ASP.
bulletVersion 14 works with older versions or Crystal Reports while adding full support for the latest Crystal Reports versions. 

Click here to learn more or see examples using the ASP.NET report viewer.

ReCrystallize Pro Single Developer - License Upgrade Only - $395

Complete upgrade and support options and pricing.



If your license was purchased within the past 30 days, it's not too late to add software updates and/or tech support.

ReCrystallize Pro Software Updates Renewal - $245

Adds ReCrystallize Pro Software Updates for one year to your current license.
Includes software updates only.  Does not include technical support.
Available within 30 days of license purchase or prior Software Updates expiration.

ReCrystallize ReSolutions Technical Support - 5 incident package - $295

Provides technical support only. Does not include software updates.
One incident includes up to 1 hour of support time applied to a single issue.
Incident packages expire one year from the purchase date.


Sample Activation Screen

ReCrystallize Pro sample activation screen


Activation Code Request Form

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Purchaser Name
Reseller (if any)
 Please provide the exact version number and User Codes that the ReCrystallize Pro program installed on your PC currently displays on its Activation screen.  The image above is for illustration only.

User Codes change between installations.  Your old User Codes will not allow us to provide correct Activation Code for your current installation.



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